Years of smoking weed in my teens has permanently fucked my short term memory.


  1. The product was too strong for you then.
    True that one's should find the fit to its capacity limit ASAP, ie: before spwaning irreversible side effects for body-soul.

    Could also be viewed as a matter of sensitivity. In the way that some can be hammered and yet just feel hugged.

    On my side I would not say that weed did not affect me in terms of immediate sensations. Of course otherwise what the purpose for smoking.
    But I have never felt addiction, gueule de bois, or any kind of stress, depression blabblalbla or other brain/corpse damage after
    the pipe show.

    Be sure I am not talking about dozen or hundreds of smoke signs, however also know that it never reached rastafari diet,....

    Anyway no glory for being a serious smoker or drinker or whatever, just do it like it makes it for you